The Right Film at the Right Price


Polyester Films (PET)

PET is an outstanding film that is ideal for most any application. It is an extremely durable product that features excellent scuff and scratch resistance. PET is the industry’s most popular film. It is a durable product with excellent scuff and scratch resistance.

Polypropylene Films (OPP)

OPP is an especially glossy “wet look” film with excellent folding characteristics. It is a beautiful and cost-effective alternative to PET. It also has write-on-wipe-off capabilities.

Curl Free ® Films (NYLON)

Nylon is the film of choice for most book manufacturers due to its curl-free capabilities.

Specialty Films:

  • Gloss
  • Satin Finish
  • Write-on/Wipe-off
  • Cambric linen finishes
  • Matte/New! Soft Touch Matte
  • Glue-able/Foil Stamp-able
  • FDA food safe
  • UV Films

To learn more about Laminating Pouches, please click: laminating_pouches_info. (Adobe Reader is required.)

 Examples of things our customers send us to be finished:

  • Back Stage Passes
  • Work Schedules
  • Rate Sheets
  • Lake Maps
  • Menus/Placemats
  • Safety Signs
  • Charts
  • Business Cards
  • New Items/Posters
  • TV Cable Guides
  • Season Passes
  • Table Tents