We are a full service laminating company.

We specialize in quality clear film lamination.

Quality Designed to Last!

Established in 1979



Midwest Laminating, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality product in the shortest possible time. Over the past 37 years we have established a reputation for service and dependability. Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between our companies.

“In partnership with printers” means several things to us:
1. We are not in the printing business and therefore not a competitor. We provide a post-printed service that adds value and durability to your printed piece. You may be assured that when you send printed materials to us that you are not sending them to a competitor. 
2. Time is money, and we won’t waste either of yours. Most jobs are completed within 24 hours of receiving them. When a job is quoted, a strict deadline is adhered to, and every effort is made to satisfy your customer
3. Price quotations may be obtained by going to Contact Us. Generally quotes are made within an hour.