Pricing Information

Price Quotes         1-800-242-9669

The following are information we need in order to give you an accurate price quotation:

  • Press sheet size and quantity
  • Final trim size of product if it is a non-sealed edge job
  • Type and thickness of paper
  • End use or function of final piece
  • Desired type and thickness of laminate to be used

Ordering Information

Before Shipping, please do the following:

  • Enclose purchase order or email P.O. to
  • Enclose sheet with final trim size
  • Mark gripper and side guide
Return U.P.S. freight paid on 2-side jobs of $100.00 or more.*
*Weight limitations apply.

***Please note that on large quantities or specialty items, 2-3 days notice is appreciated to ensure necessary materials are in stock.***


We also accept the following forms of payments:

accepting_cards apple_pay